WHS Program 2023


The World Halal Summit is an event that typically focuses on halal products, services, and related industries. It serves as a platform for industry professionals, businesses, and stakeholders to discuss and showcase halal products, services, and advancements in the halal industry. The World Halal Summit 2023 is organizing a program with the theme “A Gateway to the Global Halal Economy: Unveiling the Potentials” this year. The event will encompass 9 sessions held over three days, starting on the 23rd of November and concluding on the 25th of November in 2023. Held annually, the World Halal Summit stands as the world’s largest event dedicated to the Halal sector, shedding light on the latest developments and updates. The summit draws the participation of international academicians and fiqh experts from various corners of the globe. The primary objective of the summit is to enhance awareness of Halal matters. It achieves this through conferences that cover a spectrum of topics in finance, tourism, food, medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, textiles, modest fashion, and other relevant sectors. 

       The carefully curated program of the summit includes inspiring keynote addresses, interactive panel sessions featuring pioneers in the Halal sector and other stakeholders. These sessions delve into the major challenges and opportunities within the Halal industry, complemented by scientific presentations and seminars. Moreover, the World Halal Summit serves as a gathering point for academics, researchers, stakeholders, and businesspersons, bringing them together with policy-makers, Halal industry pioneers, and distinguished speakers under one roof. This broad range of discussion formats provides an international platform for Halal experts to exchange ideas and share valuable experiences. Throughout the summit program, participants engage in discussions on current trends in the Halal sector, and competent policy-makers and professionals in the field identify new directions in the Halal market. This program comprises nine sessions, each addressing key aspects of the global halal economy:

1. Halal Infrastructure for Global Halal Economy

2. Halal Supply Chain

3. Building Blocks of Halal Economy

4. Real Sector Access to Participating Finance

5. Halal Food – New Approaches

6. New Potentials for Global Halal Economy – Halal Tourism

7. Halal Testing & Analyses of Halal Products

8. Global Halal Digitalization and Innovation: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

9. Halal Lifestyle – A Better Quality of Life

     These sessions are designed to explore and discuss various facets of the halal industry, ranging from infrastructure and supply chain to finance, food, tourism, testing, digitalization, innovation, and lifestyle improvements. As the Group Executive Chairman, I will be a speaker in Session 8, which focuses on the topic of “Global Halal Digitalization.”