A Package of EJ Murni Can Support A Family


eJazmine is aiming to help people who need it the most at this difficult time especially during this COVID-19 outbreak. In that spirit, eJazmine was eager to put its food basket into action. Hundreds of food baskets under EJ Murni through eJazmine.com were delivered to needy individuals and families, which included essential food items that would last for a month or more. Food items required for daily life would be included in the items of this Food Basket. This vital programme is part of eJazmine’s ongoing efforts to ease the suffering of underprivileged and vulnerable families during this pandemic.

We will continue to support more families in stages, where each food basket costs RM48.


Many Families Are Struggling To Put Food On The Table, So Please Join Us In Distributing The Food Basket and Ensuring That Each Family Has Enough To Eat.